SIMPLICITY – 33 days

SIMPLICITY - 33days becoming essential

SIMPLICITY – a journey  with & towards your essential living.

Hey do you also know these promises? A life MORE peaceful,  MORE creative, healthier, wealthier, BEING better than ever…?!
This kind of ongoing search and never- arrival is so tiring to me – to you as well?

To balance this crazy self-improvement I invite you to join our 33 days days of SIMPLICITY –  where we might simply remember what we already know inside but lost track off. Keep it simple!

SIMPLICITY is an online-  33day pilgrimage with simple and joyful compagnions along the way – inviting you to land again in your very own delicious present moment,  continue in a simple and kind way what feels good and dropping what is not.

Mayor role and navigator  on this pilgrimage will be your body and body- awareness — for he is way more than a brain taxi. It´s the  road AND the temple – and our senses are like doors and the windows to enter.

SIMPLICITY invites you to commit yourself for 33days to what is essential for you.

SIMPLICITY encourages and supports you finding or keeping your focus

SIMPLICITY is a matter of heart – sharing in sincerity individually and in community what is true to you and to share what you love – for it´s way easier to do it together!

This is what I love to offer to you in SIMPLICITY

From 20th March ( beginning of spring) to 21 April ( Easter)

* daily impulses & inspirations to look and listen from within                                                                                 * from „hamsterwheel – autopilot“ to a wider view of awe
* Supporters to your authenticity                                         * body treats and movement                                              *Voice and singing
* nature & meditation

* community of birds like a feather – local and beyond
* incl. 5 online – meetings
* incl. 9 meditation audios

and all the unexpected mystic in between……


for 33 days of pilgrimage together

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